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Up Learn ensures forward thinking parents can provide their children with everything they need for success at A Level, and beyond.

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An Up Learn course is a smart choice

Technology and AI enables Up Learn courses to be tailored to your child’s strengths and weaknesses, deliver a world-class educational experience and support them anytime, anywhere.


All Up Core and Up Master courses
guarantee your child an A*/A in their exams or your money back. No more stressing over finding a good tutor.


Unrivalled Quality
97% of students that complete Up Learn courses achieve A*/A. No school or tutor can match this performance.


Value for Money
Much less expensive and much more effective than a tutor or a revision course; benefitting your child, and your pocket.


Students love using Up Learn

Teachers love using Up Learn

See in just 20 minutes how Up Learn can transform your child’s attainment


Up Learn Parent Accounts

In addition to your child receiving everything that they need to get the best grades at A Level, your Up Learn parent account provides you with the tools you need to monitor their progress and performance.

  • Up Insights
    View what the course covers and how your child is doing in each topic (the coloured progress bars). This gives you an indication of where their strengths and weaknesses currently lie, and you can encourage them to ‘Strengthen’ topics that appear weak, or in red
  • Progress Overview
    You can view your child’s level and overall progress (Up Intelligence Score) as a percentage. This is actually the most important thing to keep an eye on as it shows you your child’s overall mastery and completion of the course. The closer they are to 90%, the closer they are to being A* ready
  • Manage Your Account
    Add extra Up Learn courses, chat to our team of experts, edit/upgrade or cancel your subscription if you’re on a weekly plan, and adjust your payment method


Year 12 or Year 13?

The best time for your child to start using Up Learn is just before they start Year 12. This flipped learning approach will enable them to build a knowledge base, which they can then consolidate in class. They will then find learning throughout the year much easier and less stressful, as well as be ahead of their classmates.

If your child has already started Year 12 or Year 13, you’ll want to buy Up Learn as soon as possible.

Up Learn Scholarship testimonial

In Year 12, Up Learn will additionally help your child perform stronger in mock exams (or AS exams, depending on exam board), resulting in them having better predicted grades and a stronger reference for their university application.

In Year 13, Up Learn has regularly helped students improve their performance and consolidate their already strong grades to meet their university offers. Students using Up Learn have also told us how they have felt less stressed whilst using Up Learn – their confidence has grown as they have understood topics more and retained knowledge better.

XXXX students have improved their grades on Up Learn today


Up Learn vs Regular Private Tutor

Up Learn alumni can be found at top universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, Imperial, or reapplying to university with much higher grades than before.

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See in just 20 minutes how Up Learn can transform your child’s attainment