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Join our Biology waitlist

Are you taking Biology A Level? We’re now gauging interest for an Up Learn biology course. You can join the waitlist below. You’ll be the first to hear when the course is available, and you might even be invited to take part in some early user testing!

New Feature: The Science of Learning

Why is it that some students get A*s, and others only Cs and Ds? Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with how smart people are… 🤔 To help explain, we’ve added new content to our courses: The Science of Learning. What’s in The Science of Learning section? We’ve created short videos that explore some of…


Impact Report 2021

Students, parents and educators have faced immense challenges over the past year. At Up Learn, we’ve supported over 8000 students and over 150 schools along the way. Last week, we released our very first Impact Report. We’re thrilled to see that our work has had a significant and positive impact, particularly during a challenging year….


Up Learn Turbo

We’re delighted to announce that we’re testing a much-requested feature of Up Learn. Introducing our new revision mode, Up Learn Turbo.  What is Up Learn Turbo? A Levels are pretty huge.  The recommended time to study each A Level subject is 720 hours! 😕 Up Learn reduces this to under a hundred hours, but you’ve…

New Feature: Performance Reports

We’re delighted to announce that, at the end of last month, we launched a brand new feature of Up Learn: Performance Reports.  What is the Performance Report? At the click of a button, students, parents and teachers can download a report that shows: How many productive hours a student has spent on Up Learn. This…


A Levels 2021: Latest Updates

We now have a clearer picture of how A Levels will be assessed this summer. As the government is still ironing out the final details, we’ve summarised the latest updates below all in one place.   We will continue to update this post as and when more information is released. How are A Level grades being…

AQA A Level Chemistry course launch

Course Launch: AQA A Level Chemistry

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our latest course: AQA A Level Chemistry. One of our Lead Learning Executives and our Course Lead for Chemistry, Jack Reeves, reveals what went into creating it. When we first started producing our AQA A Level Chemistry course in June 2020, we had two main challenges in mind….