The A*/A Guarantee

If you buy an Up Learn course and complete it, we guarantee you’ll get an A*/A or we’ll give you your money back!

We know.|It sounds too good to be true.|But it’s not.|

Join the 97%+ of students completing an Up Learn course and achieving A*/A in their exams.


Frequently asked questions:

How come you can make such a guarantee?

Up Learn courses are comprehensive. We cover every part of the specification, from content delivery to exam preparation. 

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning use big data to track your progress. Our technology is exceptionally refined. As a result, we know that if you gain an Up Learn Intelligence score of over 90%, you have an exceptionally high chance of achieving an A/A*. 

How do I qualify for the A/A* guarantee?

All students that buy an Up Learn course are automatically enrolled in the guarantee. 

All you have to do is finish the course.

Read our A*/A Guarantee Terms & Conditions.

What do you mean by finishing the course?

We consider a course finished when a student gains an Up Learn Intelligence Score of 90% or above on the day of their exam.

How long does it take to finish a course?

This depends on the subject.

On average, if a student does one hour a day of Up Learn, then they’ll finish a course in 8-16 weeks.

What if I finish the course and don’t get an A/A*?

Contact us using the chat button. 

Show us an official exam-board issued document with your grades and we’ll immediately refund you in full.

How come other companies or tutors don’t do this?

To the best of our knowledge, no other company incorporates the same level of academic rigour into their courses, or focuses on quality as much as we do. This makes it financially unsustainable for other companies to offer a guarantee like ours.

Likewise, tutors lack the technology to ensure that they have delivered the best lesson they possible can every single week. They also lack the ability to collect data on students’ performance to be sure that they have covered every single topic to an A* standard and retained that knowledge successfully over time.