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The Up Learn Economics course contains everything you need to learn and achieve the best grades inA Level Economics.

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Why we are different

Up Learn offers the most effective, enjoyable and effortless way for any student to achieve top grades:


Cognitive Science
The best and most academically rigorous cognitive science research implemented for you. Learn as fast as possible, retain knowledge for as long as possible – no matter who your background or starting point.


Engaging Content
Our concise, understandable yet interesting videos have seen as described as like “watching Netflix, but for education”


Artificial Intelligence
Leveraging AI to continually assess your performance countless data points; from measuring your confidence, to determining which topics you need to strengthen.

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Our exam boards

We have exam-board specific courses for AQA and Edexcel. If you’re on a different exam board, choose whichever matches your syllabus the most!

Up Learn AQA A Level Economics

We cover 100% of the AQA Economics specification, centred around the four main topics:

  1. The operation of markets and market failure
  2. The national economy in a global context
  3. Individuals, firms, markets and market failure
  4. The national and international economy

Up Learn Edexcel A Level Economics

We cover 100% of the Edexcel A Economics specification, centred around the four main themes:

  1. Introduction to markets and market failure
  2. The UK economy – performance and policies
  3. Business behaviour and the labour market
  4. A global perspective

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Every course includes


Interactive video lessons

Video content that keeps you engaged and regular activities that keep you from losing focus


Detailed quizzes

Technical, Memorisation and Mastery quizzes gradually build up your knowledge and understanding


Exclusive practice papers

Written by real examiners exclusively for Up Learn in order to give you additional confidence when preparing for exams


Progress tracker to A*

Bespoke assessment and practice questions to chart your grade gains as you progress


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Frequently asked questions

I’m in Year 12 – why is it so important to get Up Learn now (rather than wait for Year 13)?

Using Up Learn in Year 12 helps you get the best predicted grades and reference possible.  These are important aspects of your university application.  So, if you want an offer from your dream uni, use Up Learn as soon as you can!

Do 97% of students that complete Up Learn courses really get A-A*?

Yes! If they didn’t, our money-back guarantee would have bankrupted us by now ?

The important thing here is that these students have completed the course. If you buy Up Learn, you won’t automatically get an A* in the same way that joining a gym doesn’t get you fit. If you use Up Learn and finish the course, you will either get an A*/A or you will get your money back. So you’ve got nothing to lose!

Is completing an Up Learn course hard?

You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can fly through an Up Learn course.

Courses take 8-16 weeks to complete from scratch, based on 1 hour per day. This varies by student and subject – many students will not need to start from scratch to attain A-A*.

If I don’t intend to complete the course, is there any point to me having Up Learn?

Even if you choose not to complete Up Learn, you will find the interactive videos (where you can search for topics to get help) and 1-2-1 tutor support invaluable when you come across something you don’t understand. Students find our quiz questions and practice exam papers indispensible when revising. Up Learn is immensely effective in helping you achieve the best results in the shortest time possible. Many students choose not to complete the course, but still see their grades increase by an average greater than 1.

Will Up Learn work for me?

We’ve designed Up Learn so that it will work for everyone.  It doesn’t matter what your background or starting point is. To find why Up Learn works for anybody, check out the Science Behind Up Learn.

Where can I read more about Up Learn?

Check out Trustpilot to see what students, parents and teachers have to say about us. We’re in The TimesForbes and The Financial Times. Our lead institutional investors, Forward Partners, wrote about why they invested in us here.